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Good morning everyone welcome to the Dartfish presentation engaging the video generation my name is Glenn Murdock andI’m the manager in charge of education in Australasia welcome to the webinar the first thing that I want to ask you’ve got two pretty big cold today if you could just in you’ll see there question panel in that little questions panel if you could just drop in a really quick hello for me just so that I know that you know where it is and you’re able to hear me and everything’s working.

It should be Joseph hello lovely have you on the call David hello Kennyhello how you doing Peter hello JohnKaren Darrell Joe Dave Jenny, yeah you guys will get it awesome really lovely to have you on the call I’manticipating that we’ll probably spend about half an hour going through I ‘ve actually got two for that twelve questions that have popped through from few of you which is which is great look forward to answering those and any questions that might come up during the session so without further ado let’s get-started and if you do have any questions please just pop those up for me and I ‘ll endeavor to answer them as certainly is as quickly as I can and when I get an opportunity to so let me give you quick look at who.

we are, to begin with and who  Video analysis software Dartfish is we have got more than a hundred thousand users worldwide are we are a monstrously big company% of the medals that were won at the Beijing Olympics were won by Dartfish users we are the official software of a whole range of federations a couple of our technologies have won Emmy Awards which is which is brilliant and those Emmy Awards have been in the field of broadcasting okay so if you see video where you see one in particular in sport where you ‘ll see one video superimposed on another or side by side or a strobe image that’s-gene-rally Dartfish software and we have on multiple awards for that we have a whole range of training and certification programs and we are now in about schools around Australia so a really big prominent company in education.