Common Questions About Parking Lot Paving Companies


Whether you,re tearing up an existing parking lot or are starting one from scratch, parking lot pavers are an integral part of the project. Pavers keep the area free of debris and keep the surface dry. They can also prevent the development of potholes by eliminating bumps, cracks, and deep depressions in the ground. Here are a few common questions about what parking lot paver companies do and why.

What Do Parking lot Paving Companies Do That,s Different From Doing It On Your Own?
Remember, parking lot paving companies hire professionals to get the job done. You can try to do this on your own, but a parking lot paving company will do the job with the proper staff, tools, and materials. Why not hire the pros?

What Types Of Hazards Could Occur If The Parking lot Needs More Repair? And How Can Parking lot Paving Companies Fix Them?
A parking lot that,s not sealed properly is very susceptible to damage caused by potholes, cracks, holes, and other hazards. Parking lot paving companies understand this, and it’s their mission to ensure this doesn’t happen on their watch. If your parking lot needs repairs, their professionals will fix them and make your parking lot look good as new.

Is There a Difference Between Cracked And Hollow Pavement?
Hollow or cracked pavement is not a sign of a quality surface – it,s usually the result of improper installation, such as using too much seal coat or using an inferior sub base. A quality commercial parking lot paving company will always use proper techniques and methods to install your asphalt parking lot repair.

Are There Other Alternatives To Seal Coating?
Yes, natural stone seal coating and various types of seal coated pavement supplies including expanded polystyrene, rubberized seal coating, and more. If your existing parking lot isn,t seeing heavy traffic, there are several options to consider including cracked aggregate, pre-filled cracks, pre-filled potholes, and more. In the end, the choice is yours, but it,s always a good idea to do some research so you make the best decision for your business.

Will My New Paved Parking lot Improve My Business’ Property Value Or Simply Make It Look Nicer?
A good quality parking lot can increase the value of your business’ property, but many residential lots have the potential to look worse as the years go by, so investing in a well- maintained lot with a parking lot paving company can help improve its appearance while also increasing its value.

Keep your parking lot needs in mind when hiring a company. Asphalt parking lot resurfacing is a highly specialized job that requires specialized equipment. It is recommended that professional asphalt surface maintenance and repair are performed by a certified parking lot resurfacing contractor. Although residential lots may not typically require such a service, commercial and industrial parking lots do. Make sure that the contractor you hire has experience performing this job in both residential and commercial markets, and has plenty of references to give you peace of mind.