Computer Tips For Parents


When I was a kid, we had to put our computer on a stand to keep it away from us. Sometimes, that meant taking it outside in the wintertime so it wouldn’t get too cold. Some of us still do that, but my son no longer has a stand. And even if he does, he never touches the computer.

Really? You think this is just a phase, or perhaps a phase you’ve experienced before? No! The moment you brought your first computer home was the day you became a computer geek. You probably had your favorite program, you probably had an email account set up and were inordinately busy with messages, and as if all this wasn’t fun enough, there was still something else I wanted to share with you about computers:

Once you get to know people who have already “been there, done that” and are familiar with all the computer tips and tricks and the latest software, you can be tempted to ignore them and their advice. But I want you to be aware that there are some computer tips that work for everyone.The most important thing is to get yourself familiar with the ins and outs of your computer. Is it set up in a safe place? Has it been cleaned out and is in good working order? It doesn’t take much effort to find out if your computer is running well.

Go to your local library and make a list of the books that cover computer hardware and software. Next, spend some time reading those books – you’ll find there’s more than just basic operating system information there.Reading can be a great way to improve your typing skills. Actually, your time spent reading could be far better spent using your computer. Be sure to set aside time each day for computer reading. Even if you can’t devote an hour or two a day, try to set aside one or two minutes each day, and the difference will be immediate.

Reading can also help you learn to multitask, and so can your daily work. Computer reading will also help you learn how to conserve the resources on your computer. So when you decide to expand your computer-using skills, you’ll be able to do it because you’ve been reading about it!