How To Turn Recruiting Into Success

We’ve had 1 people that don’t respond here hey you 1 know I’ll be the guy to learn I just get 1 certified for this and that we have a 1 dedicated phone support guy and say what 11 anything else again it’s as far as 11 deployment services things like that.


As 11 far as imaging computers people to get 11 certified in that I’m actually certified 11 in that as Mike technically as he knows 1111 it all but yeah it’s it’s really you 111 fill up the holes with whoever’s has an 111 alter has a time to learn it and you 111 otherwise if you don’t have that you 111 hire somebody who does know it all right 11 soon along what’s.

The next time last 11 time last time my last one and I think 11 this is actually a big one for me I 11 school versus work okay uh here computer 11 science me yes and huge differences you 11 notice between schoolwork as far as in 11 the IT fields as well 11 school you’ll always have basically in 11 most classes from my experience the 11 perfect environment.

Usually you’ll learn 11 the basics of say networking in Cisco 11 how to program how to set it up how to 111 make complicated systems but that’s all 11 starting from scratch or starting from a 11 network that really you know everything 11 about it’s very rare you are going to 11 get that in real world unless you’re 1 working on a new project you know 1 a new building for somebody or.

Just 1 whole network for a company you’re 1 usually going to come into quite messed 11 up networks you might come into a great 11 network but if they’re bringing you 11 India is you coming into a really messed 11 up Network so it’s a lot of you have to 1 figure out what did this person do what 1 can I change it’s not going to break all 1 of.

This I’ve had people with just wires 1 all over the place policies all over the 11 place things you don’t know what’s 1 happening and it’s a very careful line 1 you’re locking because it’s basically 1 hey what can I do to improve them 1 without taking a dog for a very long 11 time and that’s a huge difference I 1 think from school and even in 1 programming things like that you’ll 1 usually start with you know hey you 1 build your own code.

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